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GOAL: $2,000,000  RAISED: $1,139,017
57% Funded
$1,139,017 Raised
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Costco CHEO 2021 Fundraiser

Pierre Riel - Senior Vice-president and Country Manager
Pierre Riel

The extraordinary circumstances of the global pandemic continues to have a profound effect on all of us. Although the situation has improved, and we are slowly getting back to more normal times, we are not there yet.

While I am hoping that you and yours are all safe, I would also like to thank you for your tireless efforts to keep business at some relative form of normality through your continued efforts to support Costco in Canada.

Due to the ongoing restrictions brought on by the global pandemic, Costco Wholesale will not be able to go ahead with the annual Golf and Gala event to help raise money for CHEO. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to adjust and reassess things, one constant has remained - the financial support needed by our children's hospitals. Even though we are cancelling our fundraising gala, we are nonetheless asking you to donate to CHEO by clicking this link below and filling out a donation form. Our fundraising goal for 2021 is $2,000,000. The hospital is in dire need of these funds. They need our help.

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Donation types

$2,000 (Miracle Maker equivalent)

Company logo with a link to your website is promoted in the Miracle Maker Sponsors section when you make a donation of $2,000 or more!

Other donation options

  • $1,100 (Gala + Golf equivalent)
  • $700 (Gala only equivalent)
  • $500 (Golf only equivalent)
  • Any other amount

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A Word from our Executives

Azmina Virani - SVP Canada
Azmina Virani

CHEO is a global leader in pediatric health care and provides exceptional care for children and youth. Your generous donations provide ongoing support and bring dignity, respect and compassion to CHEO families. Thank you.

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Adrian Smith - HR
Adrian Smith

We would like to thank you for your continued support to our CHEO fundraisers over the years.Your generous donations truly go to a great cause and make a huge difference in many children and families lives.

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Debbie Ells - Non Food 1 - Ecom 1
Debbie Ells

I am honoured to work with such a generous group of vendor partners. You have always shown compassion, humanity & kindness through your contributions to Children's Hospital. I look forward to the day when we can host you IN PERSON at our Annual Golf & Gala event. Until then, please accept my sincere gratitude for your ongoing support.

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Giro Rizzuti - Non Food 4 - Ecom 4, Non Food 6 - Ecom 6
Giro Rizzuti

Your donation really makes a difference in the lives of many children and their families at CHEO. We can't do this without you and appreciate your ongoing support. The strength of all of us working together really makes a change. A sincere thank you for your contribution!

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Jason Zapp - Non Food 3 - Ecom 3, Non Food 5 - Ecom 5
Jason Zapp

The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario is one of the most important institutions for many families in Ontario, Eastern Quebec, and from Canada's far North. Your contributions go along way to improving the treatment and comfort of the patients and their families. We hope we can count on your generous contributions this year to help us hit our goals. Thank you in advance for your support and I look forward to our golf tournament in 2022.

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Jennifer Carneiro Demers - Traffic
Jennifer Carneiro Demers

As a valued transportation partner, I ask that we do not forget about the struggles and challenges that the children and families are facing that are counting on CHEO's help. I had firsthand experience as a volunteer at CHEO, interacting directly with the children and families and can personally say, your generous contribution will be greatly appreciated especially during these difficult times.

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Marc-André Bally - Ancillary, Business Centre - Manufacturing
Marc-André Bally

To give is to receive. Many children and parents depend on all of us to make their lives better. We've been blessed in many ways but some are not so lucky. Your contribution will go a long way. Please give generiously. Thank you for your continued support.

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Martin Groleau - Marketing, Membership, Services, Travel & ECommerce Operations
Martin Groleau

On behalf of the Marketing, Membership, Services, Travel & ECommerce Operations teams at Costco Canada Central Office, I would like to invite you to participate in our CHEO 2021 Fundraiser.

During these challenging and uncertain times, it is imperative that we continue to assist and support CHEO’s kids and their families.

Thank you for all you do for Costco and our members. I hope that we can count on your support.

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Peter Del Grosso - Non Food 2 - Ecom 3
Peter Del Grosso

We have all had a very challenging year but none as difficult as the children and families counting on CHEO's help on top of having to deal with the current pandemic. This year, more than ever, CHEO needs the continued support from our fantastic vendor community. Please donate generously to help us reach our financial goals for CHEO and we look forward to seeing everyone next year at the 2022 Golf & Gala.

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Pietro Nenci - Food & Sundries
Pietro Nenci

We sincerely thank you for your generous contribution during these difficult times.Through your donations we have been able to accomplish great results to support the kids of CHEO .

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Ross Hunt - IS, Facility, Payroll, Benefits, Taxes and Treasury
Ross Hunt

On behalf of Costco Canada, the CHEO organization and the many, many families touched by your support, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being able to count on you year after year. CHEO is in constant need of help and we hope we can rely on you again this year to be a hero for them and their families.

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Stephane Mailhiot - Corporate Food
Stephane Mailhiot

Help us offer the children and youth a brighter future. Be a Hero for CHEO, give generously.

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Steven Jewer - Food and Sundries Eastern Canada
Steven Jewer

As a vendor community, you have always been there to support this wonderful event. Its incredibly unfortunate that we will not be able to host you all live at this golf and Gala event that we look forward to every year. CHEO needs all of our support more than ever, and we know that you will come through for us and CHEO again this year, in meeting our financial goals in the upcoming fund driving event.

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Stuart Shamis - Legal
Stuart Shamis

As the world struggles to overcome the pandemic, we must not forget these brave children, their families and the childrens hospitals across the country that provide hope, comfort and scientific miracles. We hope you decide to give generously and we look forward to seeing you at our 2022 gala and tournament.

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Tony Tran - Fresh Foods
Tony Tran

As we look forward to the summer, our team at Costco has already begun planning our annual Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) fundraising campaign. As you may recall, last year, you were were among the first to come on board as a leadership champion for this campaign and with your help, we were able to donate over $2,000,000!!! We look forward to working together in hopes of meeting or exceeding last year's donation. Your generosity is greatly appreciated during this unprecedented time.

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